Dunia Rafiki

“The highest rate of return in early childhood development comes from investing as early as possible, from birth hrough age five, in disadvantaged families. Efforts should focus on the first years for the greatest efficiency and effectiveness. The best investment is in quality early childhood development from birth to five for disadvantaged children and their families.”
—James J. Heckman, December 7, 2012

 About us

2+ Community-based ECD Centers Established 

Our Goal

 100+ Children Enrolled

Our Work

 5+ Existing Informal ECD Centers Supported 

ERES Pilot Project

What is Eres? It is a system with which our body memory can be addressed in order to dissolve long-standing fears and blockages within us.

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200+ Parents & Caregivers Reached 

Why invest in ECD? 

The early years are a critical time for physical, mental, emotional and social growth, and for laying the foundation for developing sound literacy, numeracy and social skills. Early Childhood Education as the basis for successful education contributes to the development of an active and educated citizenry, benefiting Tanzania as a whole. 

Our Mission

To catalyse community-driven an inclusive child care program which promotes optimal development for each child, support families, upholds best practices in the field of Early Care and Education.

We have joined the Early Childhood Development Action Network (ECDAN) as an organizational partner. As a partner, we are committed to supporting ECDAN’s mission of driving collective action with and for young children and their caregivers by connecting and aligning partners, sharing knowledge and good practice, and advocating for better policies, more resources and accountability for results.

Our Impact

2+ Community-based ECD Centers Established 

100+ Children Supported 

5+ Existing Informal ECD Centers Supported

200+ Parents & Caregivers Reached

Our Strategy 

Local staff & Network with community 

Network & Help desks:
Supporting Establishment of Community-based ECD centers and assisting existing centers to improve child care services.

Learning & Development:
Building the capacity and practices of the ECD workforce.